Amber Nanami Picture

Name: Amber Nanami

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Occupation: Student

Friends: Joy, April, and Zack

Foes: N/A

Likes: Reading, mythology, protecting people close to her, adventuring to different places, making friends, and singing.

Hates: Bullies at her school, taking blame for something she didn't do, losing friends, being stuck at her house with nothing to do, and horror movies.

Amber lived alone for some of her life. her parents died when she was 14, but she managed to get a job the same year and cared for herself since then. She make friends to try to fill the void of having no family, and so she can have people to talk to. She's very kind and always thinks of others before herself. She can watch people get harmed or killed, but she usually would vomit if she saw any blood at all. She's kind of a pacifist, but tries not to let that show. She's got a great sense of Justice, since she hates most things evil.

*I think this is one of my better drawings, now I just need to get a bit better.*
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