Xenothan Picture

Xenothan happens to be an ancient character I made for my cousin, but originally for the deceased Drake, and raven counterpart. The name means a lot to me and holds a deep true meaning. I originally made it for Valentine's Day, but decided to hold it off an extra day for colouring, so enjoy.

I have finally decided the background of this character:

He is the embodiment of the wind and snow, as well as portion of his essense being the incarnate of Njöror, the Norse god of the wind, sea, and fire. Both Huginn and Muninn, Odin's faithful ravens were sacrificed in order for him to be created. For the fact he holds no soul, he is a Watcher of the daughter of Lady Lia, while he awaits the full awakening of his beloved Babd Catha. His human form (which is seen) is the manifestation by which the Wanderers (those who created him) placed upon him: raven hair in honour of Huginn and Muginn, snow-white skin in honour of snow itself, and massive raven wings to honour the wind and it's glory. The bleeding rose symbolizes his love for both Kalika (Daughter of Lia) and Babd (Celtic Goddess of War). His only weakness is that his creators are destroyed, which is very unlikely, due to the Wanderers living to their name.

[Norse Mythology credited, as well as Celtic.]
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