I Am the Eggman Picture

I am the eggman, they are the eggman, I am the walrus

So in my mythology class they piped the Beetles over the PA system and, well, "I am the Walrus" came up. We were drawing in lab at the time (because all we do in lab? Is draw) and since my concentration was going approximately fifteen different places it shouldn't have been, I heard "I am the eggman", gave Eggman a capital E, and thirty seconds later I had the Eggman forever preserved in my sketchbook. Oh yes.

I think I half drew Robotnik once before. Maybe. I don't recall very well. And until about five days ago I had no idea what new and horrifying changes they had made to his character (StH 2006 put giant bottlecaps on his suit, apparently. I don't know why). Doesn't matter. I guess I know how I want his head to look now, anyway.

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