Daphne's Transformation Picture

This was also drawn for the NJCL convention. it came in fourth place for black pencil drawings in my age group. for those of you who don't know the story of Daphne, here it is:
Apollo once insulted Cupid, calling him a child with a childish excuse for a bow and arrow. Cupid, being Cupid, decided on revenge.
one day, while Apollo was in the woods, Cupid shot him in the heart with a golden arrow, so that he would fall madly in love with the next person he saw. This would be Daphne, a beautiful forest nymph who just happened to be there. This wouldn't have been punishment, except that Cupid had shot Daphne in the heart with a lead arrow, so that she would inexplicably loathe the next person she saw; Apollo.
Apollo persued Daphne, exclaiming his love for her. Daphne ran, shouting at him to leave her alone. though Daphne was a forest nymph, and faster than any mortal, Apollo was a god, and faster than she. as Apollo began to close in, Daphne cried out to her father, a minor river god, for help.
in mythology, nothing ever turns out right for the poor being who caught the attention of one of the gods. poor Daphne was turned into a laurel tree to escape Apollo's love. ever since, Apollo's sacred tree has been the laurel.
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