Earthbreaker Picture

These events take place in Earth Psi reality.

Shanyuan Chajuan was a feral child. Growing up as the half-breed of a Chinese demon, a Yaoguai, and a human, Shanyuan didn’t belong in either world so he was unceremoniously dumped into the wilderness and grew to be feral. He was found at around the human age of 10, and trained by the Chinese government to be a mystical super soldier. Now he serves as the Chinese representative in the Egeking Army.

Shanyuan is one who is easy to please. He takes pleasures in simple pastimes such as reading or merely socializing with people. He is closer to nature than most with a direct elemental connection.

  • Hybrid Yaoguai Physiology: Being a half-demon of Chinese mythology, he is able to harness raw magical energy and use it for multiple purposes including:

    • Rock-like hide, resulting in superhuman durability.

    • Superhuman Strength: can lift/press 25 tons.

    • Superhuman speed

    • Night vision

    • Terrakinesis: Can control and harness the power of the Earth, creating walls, tunnels, etc.

    • Celestial Huǒchòng: Having constructed a gun that can directly harness his magical energy, he is able to shoot it directly at opponents, resulting in serious damage.

He is Chinese.
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