Kids Gotta Stick Together Picture

Oh man. Sometimes I really miss this story.

I've been brainstorming some ideas lately of how I could do it, pulling it away from my original concept of them being science experiments (too "Never Let Me Go". Good book; totally killed any necessity to continue writing that story) and more into a mythical theme. I want to go more in a direction of the kids being thrust into the middle of faerie politics and explore the good vs. evil mythology of the creature but ...
This brings me back to the issue of having them living at the school. I figure any "magical, boarding school" environment immediately places them too close to Hogwarts territory. Even though I want it to be more "normal kids meet dangerous magical monsters" than "OMG WIZARDS", the whole school part gives me a headache.

In the past, other potential settings I came up with were summer camp, college, or kidnapped and sold into slavery, but those were all in correlation with the science theme/ lol.

I dunno. I just need to think about it more/ draw more dynamic stuff.
I'm so bored lately.
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