HIBIKI, stamp and FAQ Picture

HIBIKI, the child of destruction

Doll: Volks – SD13 Ryo

Race: Human (and part akuma)

Age: 16 years old

Look: He is a small boy, got brown hair and deep red eyes. He is usually seen wearing punk style clothes with a headband.

Personality: short temper most of the time, talented (plays the guitar, flute and sings), confident, enjoys music a lot.

Hibiki was born a little before the Grat War, he was the son of a woman with a akuma like yokai, that’s the reason for his red eyes, but he doesn’t seem to have inherited any other yokai characteristics. Because of his eyes, he has been an outcast since he was a child. He grew up been marginalized by other kids, and he developed an individualistic way of life, believing he doesn’t need anybody’s help. After the Great War, he was casted to be part of the “searches”, a group of unimportant people whose only job is to go outside the shelter to find useful items. During one of his missions he found a place untouched by the war and destructions, where many mythological creatures lived.
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