Tomb Picture

A photo of Salvador Dali's tomb, situated in the Dali Theatre Museum in Figueras (a couple of hours out from Barcelona) which I visited a couple of years ago. Actually seeing the tomb was a strange experience - it's embedded in the floor of a main hall and is rather inconspicous and completely unmarked, with the tombstone itself is situated in a tiny room underneath the main hall. I didn't even know it was there until I was wandering through, looking at a smaller exhibit in there and stumbled across it. The reason it had an impact on me is it's quite a strange idea that his final resting place is quite humble and modestly marked, despite being situated in the heart of a massive monument to the Dali universe, a juxtaposition to the mythology and grandiose entity of Dali the character. It seemed completely surreal. I suppose it was a strange reflection on the idea of legend / character and mortality.

What's the purpose of this story? I like stories
Anywhoo, the photo itself - I just found the lighting interesting and found it fittingly atmospheric to my experience. That's all folks!
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