Butterfly Gal Picture

Over the top (for me) color, largely because I'm starting to get over being sick, and damnit - I can do with some color after being on my back for so long. Liking Xara more now, and cheating this one all over the place in photoshop. Thought I had the problem with anti-aliasing fixed, but no, so: Blur, hand edit, hue rotate, invert, paint in... I'm not sure this qualifies as vector work any more since only the gestural part was done in Xara, but hey - I dunno how else to categorize it.

The original goal with the work was to develop a recognizable human form with as few simple strokes as possible - legs and torso, three down strokes. Arms... well, a bit more complex than I wanted, but hey - I'll live. Hair, of course, is why I love Xara, so once I had the basics done, toss some hair on her. Other people do that so much better than I do, but oh well.

Needless to say, just as there exists Buffalo Gal, Butterfly Gal probably flits hither and yon somewhere about my own personal mythology, so I'm glad to have finally drawn her.
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