Granny Mountain Picture

Granny Mountain is a talking plateau mountain who tells Toadahontas to always listen to her heart. She is similar to a kamui from Ainu mythology for being a divine mountain spirit (Yes, the Toadache are in fact animists, which are believers of divine spirits). During the part of the game where Mario visits the Toadache area, Toadahontas introduces Mario to Granny Mountain who knows just about everything and gives him information about a diamond star that got scattered in this place. She also tells Mario how he is able to get the Toads in Barb Town and the Toadache to get along with eachother.

Granny Mountain is parody of a character from Pocahontas named Grandmother Willow, who is a willow unlike Granny Mountain. And that first name "Granny" was inspired by of a Naruto Shippuden character named Granny Chiyo.

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