Wood Nymph Picture

This is how it went down. I was traveling with 3 Israelis at this moment in my trip. We had trekked up to a tiny village in the Pavarti Valley called La Pas. We had just spent 3 days staying in this old house on the steep shoulders of the Himalayan mountains smoking, (as that is what you do when you go to such places) talking, and laughing. We had run out of supplies and decided to disembark to the closet town with a store, Kasol. We had just left the village, and all of a sudden this little Indian girls pops out of the woods and starts following us. I snapped this picture while my friend Yuval stood on top of this large rock overhang. She followed him up there, and just started dancing. After they climbed down, we hiked a little bit more down the trail, and then she disappeared just as fast as she had appeared. That's my encounter with the a mythological wood nymph in the hills of India.
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