Alex and Sophie Picture

Two of the main characters from a children's book I'm working on.
Alex is the cat boy and Sophie's the little white fox.

All the characters are animals, but that may change...
Rough draft might go up eventually, if people are interested...

The Story: After accidentally finding a way into another world in his cellar, a series of calamities drives Alex further from his chance of returning home.
The secret passage between worlds is the central mystery of the book, and each friend Alex meets along the way provides a piece of the puzzle.

The Setting: Alex's home city is like Victorian London or New York, while the world he stumbles into is less steampunk and more fairy tale -- filled with magic, palaces, and powerful nature spirits.

Some of the places and history are similar to our world, but nothing is meant to be an exact parallel. I try to use real world and mythological references symbolically.

Theme wise, it's about choice, courage, and growing up.

As far as tone, I intend it to feel charming like a fairy tale, yet epic, sometimes rather dark.

If you're interested, let me know!
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