Athena Picture

She flew through the trees silently, her eyes fixated on a point in the distance. The people below her knew not of her presence, but the monsters did, and so did the others like her.

Swerving to avoid one of Aeolus' rampaging venti, storm spirits, Athena stumbled in her flight before correcting herself.
Stupid Aeolus. She thought. Doesn't he know how to keep track of his pets after all this time?

Athena shook her owl head, sighing. The winds were now calm as ever as she neared her destination. Home. She thought. I'm almost home.

Soon enough, she came to the place she called home. Stretching her wings out, Athena turned into her goddess form.

"Welcome back, to Olympus," Hermes said, startling the goddess. He smirked. "Athena." The god of thieves finished.

So apparently when you think of mythology, you start to draw a god or goddesses sacred animal. O.o
Also, crappy story this time! *flails*
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