Mithander, Tamer of Beasts Picture

From the small places of the world, the nature of human help configures into the dreamwave.
They are the holders of the lands.
They are the Starters of Social Motion.
They are all that is the spirit of the House.

Castles crumble and are remade under their hands.
They are those who help.
They are those who council.

Mithander was an old man, deep into his 40s when the flush of Silverfire awakened in his soul.
The deep mists in his mind vanished in the face of great turmoil.
He was young.
And the Quest of Dragon Slayers awoke him in a jolt.

Only he wasnt slaying any dragons.
In fact.
He wasnt slaying nor letting anyone slay.
The magics you see, do not care for what you are.
The magics of Liberty.
Of Equalty.
Of the bonds of dreams.

So protect the dragon he did.
And into the forests of mirrors, in the lands of the Lords he took this creatures away.

And so has he done since.
A father of three.
A husband.
A College Teacher of Mythology and ancient culture.

And an adventurer in a war against the death of Chimerae.

The sweet smell of magic in the air, the sound of small boots running thru the city mazes.. in the race to save all.
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