Radu and Helen Picture

Some concept art for my favorite character couple. ^_^ They are so adorable together!

I was tinkering around with the story they are in - the western thing - and I resolved a minor snag by pairing them up. Helen is Saraphelia's (I changed her name to Sarah now) mother, and Radu is Abby's dad. Originally they were separate families, but I noticed that they were more developed than their spouses, and, well, I needed someone to be the town founder...so I threw them together. The town where the story takes place is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and it's a haven for less-than-ordinary beings. There's a story about just why they founded the town, but I'm not gonna tell it yet. ^_^

So anyways, yeah, Helen is a witch, and Radu is a strigoi mort, from Romanian mythology. It appears that Radu has done something bad, but no-one can stay mad at him for long. xD

These sketches are kinda old, and the designs have changed a bit. I'll post some more up-to-date drawings soon!
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