Jill Picture

Jill Shepard, manipulative bitch, but she uses people in ways that leave them happy and self-satisfied. If they don’t cross her way in purpose. Then she just get them killed.

Is a bit of escapist in deep down, because life never was kind to her. She had 2 obsessions since childhood – mythology and space – “higher places”, to which she can run off from all crap around her. So she joined Alliance and learned that there is still a lot of bullshit around.

Adores technics, but has no clue in it. She considers complex machines as some kind of magical creatures and animates them. Mako definitely had a bad temper, but she misses him anyway.

Looooves ships and their maneuvers. When she get the Normandy, she made Joker to perform helluva bunch of crazy maneuvers and pretended that it wasn’t for fun, but to prove his confidence.

Die Hard fan of Robert Heinlein, can recite “The Green Hills of Earth” in every time of day or night.

In 17 she was forced to work as dancer in club for some time. Now she pretends that she can’t dance at all or dance really awful, so no one would have idea about her shame.

sorry for terrible english))
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