Elena Travis Sketch Dump Picture

Last few years or more, can't remember how long I have been saying I would upload sketch book things. This is from I think at least three full sketch books worth of stuff, and I only put the ones I could tolerate up. Some of which were so old and really didn't want to place them up. It is more like a year's improvement meme atm. Nothing is from 2013 yet. Those I will get around to...sometime. XD

Characters are Elena, and Travis (aka Teris). The two names for the same character is explained in the story, but not worth going into right here. These two are from my novel which I'm so despairingly close to finishing writing it's almost humorous. The story is a Mythological inspired piece about a world where a heavenly war causes the god to be bound to their created world. The back story for these two is quiet interesting and I love how their personalities interact.

Elena, Travis (c) M.B.Storm:
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