Rayhin, the goddess of magic Picture

One day I'll upload the mythology legend here to explain further who Rayhin is and why she is depicted with a moon. The normal moon is behind her. Yes, Ayamar has two moons, but one is magic and can only be seen with people with strong magical abilities, or at special magic places. Rayhin is the main deity for Ayamar, but you'll also find her as Tai-Danar... who is... a man. Yes, it's the same person. The only one in the whole world, including higher gods of other worlds, that can be two persons at the same time. Other can change their appearance to a certain degree, but none other can be two different persons in the same body. As Tai-Danar, he rules the other gods, he is the main god for everything and more. Rayhin is the magicians' goddess. She is the only deity they worship, although they acknowledge the other gods and goddesses. She is often depicted with the magical moon in her hands. Oh, and the arrows towards her face is just to show myself where the light goes.
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