Ouriel's first appearance Picture

I have finally found a place for her! She will be another character in my story Hot Blooded. Her name is pronounced (Oo-ree-el) and for short I am trying to pull a nickname for her still so I am open to suggestions. This still needs some touch up. It has been way to long since I have done digital coloring, and even longer since I have done it in MSPaint. I hope she looks ok.
Here is some basic background on her role: In mythology I have found Ouriel was the name of a fallen demon that fell with Lucifer and now has the ability to control demons. SHE IS NOT A BAD GUY in my story, but actually decided after her fall to be a mentor or ally to demons like Mereana's father who do not want to fight for heaven or hell, but rather allow the planet to balance itself and fight for the the balance and free will. That is all I have on her for now. What do you think?
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