Lethaea - Achelous Picture

*inhales* Alright. This will require a bit of explaining.
You know those dreams you have where your mind just kind of... goes nuts with a concept and then... right before the end... someone calls you/a parent wakes you up/an alarm goes off? This guy here... was involved in one of those. He had no name that I knew of in the dream... and appeared only once, Xystus kind of being the main one involved, but he's loved.

Basically, these guys are not forgetful, I just decided to base their main title off a little loved river in the Underworld. That's all. But the Lethaea are 13 powerful spirits, be they elementals that were sealed, or people that were granted immortality but later agreed to being sealed by the Korishin, Jyuunishi. They all have their titles, skills and 'elemental alignment', but I don't want to explain it all. They all have either mythologically derived names or latin words for names, or one is based on a name I heard in history but can no longer remember what it is. Achelous here, is based off of the river god Achelous, whose broken horn became the Cornucopia, the horn of plenty. So this guy here, is 'The Granter of Wishes', based off the wealth acquired from the original mythological horn. He is number X of the XIII (yes, I like Roman numerals) and his elemental alignment... is, well, rainbow. Whatever his master desires, really.

A very kind little guy, he is. In the dream, he was bonded to a child who used his powers to restore his dead/dying family before fleeing for their safety... But in the new '
Technically, Achelous here has no gender. None of the Lethaea do.

... any questions? I'll answer eventually.
The Lethaea and Achelous (c) Me
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