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Seth from Egyptian Mythology. Check out Horus and his story here:

Seth: Brother of Orisis, Isis, and Nephthys. Husband of Nephthys. Father of Anubis. Uncle of Horus.

Seth is the brother of Orisis, the legitimate godly king of Egypt. Ever since he was a kid, he has always been jealous of all the attentions that Orisis has. After married Nephthys and fathered Anubis, Seth began to set in motion his plan to oust Orisis. He first allied himself with the ruling clergy through various means: bribing, blackmailing. On the wedding day of Orisis and Isis, Seth stormed the place after secured his wife and son. He quickly arrested Orisis and then killed him. To ensure no power of the Gods can resurrect Orisis back to life, he chopped up his brother into 107 parts and spread them throughout Egypt. Because Isis is also his sister, Seth did not have the heart to kill him, thus imprisoned Isis on the top of the Pyramid. Nephthys did not agree with Seth's action, secretly freed Isis. After learning that thanks to Isis and the other Gods, Orisis has somehow been resurrected for one day, Seth was outrage and set out to hunt down Isis, who by now was pregnant with Orisis' child. After 10 months, Seth finally managed to catch Isis after she has given birth. After torturing her for weeks for the whereabouts of the child with no avail, Seth decided to kill Isis and set out to look for Horus, Orisis and Isis' child (with the only clue he obtained was that the child has birthmark on his back, resembling a wing.)
Fifteen years later, Horus, out of no where, came back with Anubis and challenged Seth for the throne of Egypt. Feeling betrayed, Seth dealt a fatal blow to Anubis out of rage, but soon being chased away from the Royal Palace by Horus. He wandered into the Nubian Desert and was known as the Desert God. There, he met Bastet, Goddess of Cat. With her mischievous nature, she began helping Seth planning his revenge...

To be continue....

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