AA: Titania: 02 Picture

Titania was twenty eight or so when she discovered the ability to pull things gently. At first she wasn't sure how she did it, but after some testing, she found out that it was shadows. Lightweight items could be pushed, pulled, lifted, or held down, using their own shadows. Heavier things would have the surrounding shadows involved in holding them in place, and she had a good deal of fun learning her limits.

She liked to use her power sometimes to give her family hugs when she couldn't otherwise reach them in the room. After a couple of jumps and shocks, they understood what she was doing and it became a great hugging tool. Even Sture didn't mind a hug like that, she found. And cousin Hailiee positively enjoyed them.

Thanks to her cousin Rafael, she was introduced to movies of a wide variety, as the boy was always looking for some kind of material for his jokes. He didn't seem to have a favorite genre, but would waver between several at a time.

One of his horror movie jags was what initially gave Titania ideas for another use for her power. Not in the sense of the movie, but as a backstage thing. The harnesses, ropes and pulleys on set could be substituted for her shadows maybe? But that idea didn't last long, as she knew the harnesses and such were for safety as well as the propulsion often used in the movies and shows.

So she wondered what she was going to do with this power to keep it honed, and researched where she could while she was at it. The various things people have attributed to shadows and those who live in or near them over time. It was a fascinating study, and gave her more ideas. So she eventually made it through school- high school, first, with a fair store of knowledge of those mythologies, legends, urban myths, and such. Not that she necessarily had anything against other occupations, but she wondered what she was going to do to have that learning not go to waste. Well, aside from a college degree ultimately in mythologies.

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