Gondolendian folklore Picture

Yes, I know, ANOTHER one of these. In my defense, I'm gearing up for a long distance move and don't really have the time/energy to devote to anything really substantial.

Anyway, I thought I'd try my hand at making some creatures from Gondolendian mythology and folklore. As usual, results were mixed.

Woda: The Woda is a troll-like being said to inhabit the mountain forests of eastern Pika, and is largely inspired by the Hulder of Scandinavian folklore.

Miss Geldy: Is a creature from eastern Pikan folklore. She is said to have once been a human peasant girl, until she one day angered the Holbarn through some transgression. As punishment, they gave her the legs of an ornithopod dinosaur and cast an unbreakable spell upon her that would cause any man who saw them to be repulsed and flee in terror. She now lives alone in the mountains, though some tales say she is friendly with the Woda who live there. Like many Pika fair folk, Miss Geldy is capable of both great kindness and great malice. For example she is said to be very friendly towards the children and the elderly (though precautions must be taken to ensure she doesn't run off with the former to raise as her own), and many farmers routinely leave her offerings in hollow trees and logs to entice her to watch over their herds. (One tale tells of a farm boy who decided to play a prank on her, replacing her usual offering with rotten eggs and moldy bread. In retaliation, she placed a curse on his family's herd so that from then on, every animal that was hatched came out hideously deformed and died soon after.) On the other hand, she also has a habit of luring young women into the forest with her singing, kicking them to death with her powerful legs or drowning them in streams, and then throwing their bodies into ravines. (Quick-witted girls are said to be able to avoid this fate by asking to see her dance, however, as she will always happily oblige. Then, when her dancing reveals her dinosaur legs, she will hide her face, wail in embarrassment, and flee in shame immediately, leaving her intended victim unharmed.) Miss Geldy is largely inspired by the Scottish Glaistig.

Holbarn: Also known as the Holban or Merry Hobs, the Holbarn are (you guessed it) mythical beings from eastern Pikan folklore. They are said to be the watchers of the forests, and are very protective of their homes. Though neither good nor evil, they can be quite troublesome as they find humans clumsy and oafish and take great delight in playing pranks on them which can often have disastrous effects. They can sometimes be helpful as well, though one must take great care to never incur their wrath (as Miss Geldy learned the hard way, apparently). As is probably obvious, the Holbarn are basically Pikan faeries, and are mostly inspired by the art of Brian Froud.

The Great Huntsman: The last eastern Pikan creature on here, I promise. The Great Huntsman is a thunder spirit who is said to cause thunderstorms on his hunts. While he is said to mostly ignore humans, he is said to be greatly feared by the Woda as he likes to hunt them for sport. Because of this they are deathly afraid of being caught out in a storm, and will immediately seek shelter when one hits. This has led to the custom in old Pika of taking in anyone who asks for shelter from a storm; after all, you never know if they might be a Woda in disguise, and just as Woda often disproportionately reward those who show them kindness they also disproportionately punish those who are rude to them. In a move of stunning originality, the Great Huntsman is inspired by the Wild Hunt.

Black Jonny: Black Jonny is a creature from the folklore of the peoples of the Eastern Union. Said to resemble a grinning black skeleton or a dessicated, rotting corpse, he is quite unpleasant to behold but more of an annoyance than anything. He is said to enjoy standing outside people's windows, sneaking into their houses to watch them sleep, and running up behind them and knocking things out of their hands or pushing them down and then running away laughing.

Kenk: Kenk is the Isani goddess of death. Said to be so mad with bloodlust that she must be kept locked away in a mountain, she reportedly bathes in blood and sleeps atop a pile of rotting corpses. With no eyelids, sharp copper teeth, a wooden six-fingered right hand, and covered in millennia of accumulated blood and gore, she is an extremely unpleasant individual.
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