11- Solid fox Picture

Issue 10 of tech tails titled solid fox

Shadrin may not be the sneakiest fox in the den but he;s not exactly a klutz either. When he finds himself in a strange place he instinct to escape. It's too bad he's being cared for by the wind. She knew he was going to try to escape before he even woke up. The wind shares many personality traits with Marlyin as I had explained in the last issue you saw her in. She also shares a lot of traits that are commonly attributed to Succubi in mythology including shape shifting and mind reading/invasion making it very easy for her to find the lone male fox in her care. Shadrin's either unlucky or very lucky.

The bonus in ths issue comes from the title. It's rather obvous to most gamers playing off off solid snake from the metal gear series. A game based upon stealth and tactics
I've never been a fan of the series so that's about all I know. Well that and boxes are good hiding places. Perhaps Shadrin might have gotten another few steps out the door with a box.
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