Arkayos - Bounty Hunter Picture

Arkayos: One of the main characters in my books and comics. This picture is of him from the Satosia Bounty Hunter Series (A comic that I plan to do someday). In this series, he is the leader of a clan of Bounty Hunters. He used to rule it with his brother Solthus, but Solthus was killed by the curse put on Arkayos' eye (which he screwed shut to prevent any others from dying). My friend Tessia gave me the idea for the cursed eye, but Ican't remember what it's from. I want to say Norse mythology, but I'm not positive.
Anyway, besides being the leader of the clan, Arkayos is also a mechanic. While traveling from place to place, or in between jobs, he works on fixing and improving weapons, armour, vechicles, and just about anything else with moving parts.
The shading job on this was rather rushed, which is why it didn't come out too well. And don't ask how the bastard sword on his back is attached while he's wearing a vest. It's magic. Magic, I tell you!
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