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AWESOME FACE! I finally completed it! <3 <3 <3 This is my ~Hopefully Accepted~ Character for TheDutchesse's club called AoW (Athenaeum of War). Every time I looked at the club and all the members I knew I wanted to join and whaddya know XD I got off my lazy butt and did. Originally I wanted this character to be a Draconian but it wasn't on the species list >o< SO the awesome Dutchesse recommened the Lampade instead, which actually fit perfectly XD. I had a freaking blast designing her and this has gotta be one of my favorites. I know her head is like the size of a bowling ball XD Pay no mind to iiiit~ And figuring out a color scheme for her was by far the hardest thing evvuuurrrz D8~ None the less i'm very proud of it and I hope it gets approved <3~ Now onto the fun fun information x3;~

Name: Kala Lux (Translated it means Fire Light)
Age: 15 "human" wise, going on to be 207 8D
Gender: Female
Species: Lampade
Sponsor: Hera

Personality: Kala isn't your average mischievious, dark or "normal" Lampade. She's cheerful and upbeat but tends to get down on herself really easily; No worries though she bounces back just as well. Kala has also never been one for violence; while others of her kind enjoy playful sparring she would rather be with Cerberus or making little flower head bands. She's never been allowed to collect lost souls outside of the underworld so she has a strong sense of curiousity and if she wants to know something that others won't tell her, she'll find a way, believe me. Kala also has never really had another Lampade friend, it's not that she doesn't want them, she's just too different for the other lampades to tolerate very well. So in her eyes Cerberus is her closest friend and you can find her hanging out with her in her spare time (Kala was also witness to the birth of a new Cerberus which only happens every 500 years, She claims the little one as her own pet, naming her RooLoo, even though she knows that aint happening XD.)
History: Kala, like every other Lampade, has a soul of fire of which they were born from and, naturally, every fire is different. Kala was born of white fire yet this fire was also quite small from the rest, hence, so is Kala herself. After being brought out of her flame Kala was able to choose where to hide her soul. After searching around the underworld she came upon Cerberus and next to her a patch of lovely flowers, Kala chose the red Cypress flower as her fires hiding place which she always wears in her hair. Kala's job in the underworld has always been to collect the stubborn little souls who fly off into the distance which is what she mainly uses her wings for. Now she can't necessarily fly with these wings as they are too small but she uses them for gliding around after a good few flaps to get her in the air (or jumping from a high place xD). Now fire magic normally comes naturally to Lampades, however, for Kala it's quite the opposite. She has a really hard time controlling it and she has a bad tendency to sneeze out fireballs (Which is probably another reason other Lampades don't play with her XD Being covered with Barbequed snot, YUMMY.) Kala was just as surprised as everyone else when Hera chose her for the tournament, when she asked for Hera's reasoning behind it she simply stated that "Unique can be dangerous". Although Kala was still curious there is no pestering a God for further info xD. As a parting gift Cerberus gave Kala a small, light weight sword forged out of one of Cerberus' own claws; She calls the sword "Clawed". (Hell she can't pick up a normal one XD).
Preferred Weapon: Her sword Clawed
Ability: Kala has natural fire magic which she can barely control and only another Lampades fire can actually hurt her, but even then it would take a few good hits, just like it would for her to hurt another Lampade (If she can hit them at all xD). If she fought in the tournament in her current state the only way she would win is if she had a cold or if she sniffed some pepper every two seconds XD. She also has the ability to Glide with her Ittybitty wings x3;~
Classes: Fighting: Swords and Daggers
Fighting: Hand-to-Hand
Magic: Fire
Mythology and History
Rituals and Temple Works
Roommate: TBA

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