February Picture

February "Feb" Amorini

Gender: Female
age: 21 (eternal age 2100)
birthdate: February 27th (sign- Pisces)
height: 5'6"
species: Roman Cupid

-she rarely ever spends time in her homeland due to a rather abusive past
-she can use the "love arrows" but cannot manipulate the element of love
-she has cupid wings, she just chooses to hide them
-she owns and works at a local pet grooming place
-she is the owner of Castor paintbounce.deviantart.com/art…

Visual Traits:
-thick, curly pink hair in a pony tail
-wings (hidden most of the time)
-chipped front tooth

color- Pink
music- Rock
food- oranges
animal- dogs
hobbies- dancing and archery

February is a pureblooded cupid of roman mythology. She lived a majority of the youth in the cupid realm.
Despite her happy-go-lucky attitude she actually grew up in an abusive home. She never felt safe in the realm and to this day she rarely ever visits her family
and when she does she is quiet and shy. On her new home-planet she owns a pet grooming place. She is close friends with Kaylor and Faleash and
is always open to new people.

Headcanon Voice- www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BIye9…

Inspiration Music-

Feb (c) me
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