Rough Design - Yuki (OC) [Concept Art] Picture

So here's my OC...Yuki the Kirin / Qilin. There's a bit of a story to this one since I took a bit of creative liberty with this OC.

I personally love Zecora, and how they brought in zebras to represent African heritage (the Buffalo as Native Americans was also a stroke of genius). However I was slightly frustrated how they didn't expand on this. So with this design I decided to go the other way, to the East. The horse/deer I picked was the Kirin/Qilin.

I’m not going to too into their mythology (as it varies greatly from place to place and the book I read about them has long since been lost). I used the more Japanese version (as otherwise it'd look more like a giraffe). They have the head and horn of a deer, scales of a carp, and the tail of an ox. I used Japanese drawings and Western re-interpretations of the myth for the inspiration. In the redesign in MLP style, I mainly focused on the nature themes and the aesthetic design of it instead of the more mythological stories of them (As if MLP followed the mythological routes, both Twilight and Rarity would be man-eating unicorns). So this is what I wound up with! Yuki the Kirin / Qilin.

I to stay with a more nature motif. The cutie marks overall would be more nature dominant I'd imagine (As the species have been shown to have an overall design, such as Pegasus with the overwhelming fly and sky theme). The colours are also more subtle and more natural to reflect this heavier focus on nature as well.

Now for Yuki specifically, her design was built around snow. Her name is snow in Japanese, as that it was those legends that inspired her. She is a gentle pony who works in the high mountains. Since she's so isolated, she normally doesn't interact with many other people, but this is okay with her, as she's naturally very shy. She uses her magic to help bring about the season of winter to the land. Since she lives higher in the mountains, she's grown very comfortable with colder temperatures.

I'll be making a cleaner picture of her later as well, as right now it's end of semester for me. I'll also try another one that I've also done some sketches for as well.
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