Angel of Redemption Picture

Yeah, I've been obsessed with angels, and wigs, and such recently, especially their place in mythology and religion. Most christians think that if you die, you go to God and become an angel. Actually, that's wrong. Angels are different creations, and humans do not become them. They are like the security staff at God's bar of eternity. Lucifer was also an angel. He lead other angels against god, and was sent to hell. Yeah, it's true. How do I know this? I read the Bible. <Random Gasps> What's that saying, know thine enemy? Heh. But, Rachel was the angel of death, and he (yes, Rachel IS a guy's name) would appear before people before they died. Lucifer then began to do this, so seeing an angel now isn't neccesarraily (sp?) a good thing. That is, if God and Satan and everything exists.
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