Brown Senses Tingling Picture

Yesh. Alden is brown. I had no idea why I drew him white in the old pic. Alden's from Egypt. Therefore, he's brown.

And it appears he wants to sack me for drawing him white.

Facts About Alden:

Alden's age will never be told in Black Rennaissance, the mythology-themed webmanga he'll eventually be in.
He knew the main character years before the story took place.
Alden won't interact with the Gods in the webmanga until part 3 of the story
Although Natasha (Main Char) has an overwhelming crush on Alden, he feels no romanticism towards her. Instead, he has a deep platonic affection for her, considering she was the first person that he hasn't frightened away with his lack of emotion and intimidating presence. He rarely shows this affection, but it goes without saying that it's there.
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