Izaga Region Map - WIP. Picture

The Izaga Region is home to many mythological Pokemon, foremost among them the Isle Creation Duo, Izagi and Izami, from which it takes its name, as well as the Yomi Trio, and the Hokuto Set.

Early into its creation the island was cut into thirds by the Storm Creation Pokemon, Hayasusa, in order to contain an enemy, an act which spurred Izagi and Izami into conflict and, ultimately, into sealing themselves into the two main halves out of anguish.

Later, Hayasusa took refuge on the upper north-east section and repeated his earlier course, this time intending to separate himself from the world altogether.

In modern times, humanity eventually settled into place after settlements from Kanto and the Sevii Islands arrived. The Izaga League can be found in the center-most section of land.

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