Max's Power Seeker Picture

As some of you may know, Max is one of my main characters from Crossing Dreams. His transformed state "Asura" grants him a large blade that swings with exponentially increasing momentum up to the 6th power. (so the heavier his swing, the more power will be behind it. Outside of Asura form, he has the ability to empower his normal sword with light energy (the ability's name is "Tenshozan" translation: "Rising Sword of Light"). When attempting to do this in Asura form, the force of a full swing will be such that it repels the energy placed around it and throws it in a wave. This technique has been dubbed "Power Seeker" as Asura in Hindu mythology is a creature who sought power in hopes of becoming a god one day.
Note: In normal state, Max's natural aura is light-blue, however, when empowered by Asura, it's a dark-pink/crimson color.
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