SOULCALIBUR V Tanya 11 Picture

A Screen shot I took of a a custom character I made in Soul Calibur V Character Creation mode.

This is a picture I made based on a character of mine from a story idea called "the Legend of Evermore", a story loosely based on the American Square-Enix RPG for the Super Nintendo called Secret of Evermore.
This is Tanya, a jungle girl from the prehistoric land of Prehistoria, a powerful warrior and apprentice to a master Alchemist. She agrees to help siblings Jack and Claire get home at the request of her master. This is the outfit she wears in the world of Antiqua, based on Classical Roman and Egyptian mythology and civilization. She normally wears her outfit from her home world of Prehistoria, but she was placed in this when she was captured and put in the Colosseum. Originally she had a breast plate on, but she quickly ditched that.
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