Map Of Arda vs Real World Picture

Wow... Must have been a long time since I last put something on DA ! I'm sadly not in the mood to draw for quite some years, having less free time than I used to...

However, this map is a attempt at "mapping" Tolkien's Middle-Earth on a real world map, with the 1st Age in black and the 2nd and 3rd Age in red.

Be aware, you may not agree to this, because there's a question of scale, and you'll have to consider that in Tolkien's mythology, the Americas didn't exist in these Ages, that the geography was certainly different due to plate tectonics and because Beleriand was completely messed up in the War of Wrath in the Silmarillion.

Though, just compare with Tolkien's maps, look at the ocean floor atlases, and notice how some places have very similar features.

And bear in mind that it's a work of boredom, and not an attempt at revolutionizing "Tolkienology".

Voilà !!!

Boredom makes one do strange things...

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