Alien Alphabet 1 Picture

This and the rest of the Alien Alphabet cards are sketches for the Piarran alphabet. As described in "Chazho" it has seventeen characters, each representing the Cycle creature that holds that place in their astrology and mythology and culture. I have drawn most of the creatures over the years, don't own the sketches, and am planning a webpage series that will have good illustrations of the animals and plants with a caption in Piarran "runic" calligraphy -- the original 17 symbols that also make up the shorthand alphabet. Their high Court alphabet is more like kanji but may incorporate Cycle symbol elements into the constructions.

This one has #1, Phoenix at the top, and two different versions of #9, Vereg which is very similar. In actual use the Piarrans would expect the tail gesture on the Vereg to be a swash that could go in any direction the artist desired or spiral or otherwise become an embellishment. But I want the basic ideas down before I start doing any of their decorated fancy letters!
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