New Layout WIP Picture

[ ignore the middle part, it's kind of a place holder. ]

Based on Norse mythology and the "Yggdrasil" thinger.
if i've pixeled your chicken already, you know who you are ... find yourselves.

aiyah >_o. this is about 15% done (it might be more than 15% if i become too lazy to finish it according to my vision ;D) and it's already sucked out any sign of life in me.

still have to finish middleground, do the whole background, work on mouseovers and animation ... freaking pixel by pixel *wince*. ... not to mention ... CODE it all. CSS /always/ takes so much time for me D: ...
hmmm ... i'm not looking forward to pixeling the big tree trunk D: see that uncompleted wooden house on the top left? ... well the whole tree *should* have that kind of pixeling /if/ i finish this
critique only on finished elements, please.
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