Girl Playing in Sand Picture

This is a gift I'm giving to a friend who, when she went to Egypt, brought me back sand, as well as photos of all the places she took the sand from (which was very nice of her).

I actually really like this picture (and that's why there is a watermark on it). I had originally planned to colour it, but remembering I have only one colouring media that could possibly do this picture justice (pencil crayons), I decided to just hightlight a few things with my coloured inking pens instead. I think it gives it a nice effect.

By the way, see that semi-creepy rag doll that is by the little girl's feet? Yeah, that's Isis. It's kind of hard to tell, but it's her... check out the wings instead of arms thing.

Should I copyright Isis? Can you copyright mythology? If so...
Isis is copyright to Egypt.
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