Two of Swords Picture

Brief Description: A blindfolded female orc sits on a stone seat, she holds two swords crossed above her head. A full moon behind her is reflected in the ocean below, a fire lights her from the front.

Symbolism and Mythology: The ocean is a sign of power and influence due to it's vastness, this is a theme throughout the swords cards. The swords crossing as a sign of protection and also power. She's blindfolded even though it's night as a sign of trust, she has no fear in this place or for herself even without her vision. She is completely comfortable and in control of herself and her situation.

Meaning: Balanced force, indecision, friendship, courage, concord in a state of arms, tenderness, affection, harmony, sanctuary, guarding interests, cautious conversations.

Reverse Meaning: Imposter, falsehood, duplicity, disloyalty, dealings with rogues, roughness, fear creeps in from all sides, unease, loneliness.

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