Starry Night Picture

Original Title: The Arrival
Konspiracy Title: Starry Night

This 1889 painting by Dutch Master Vincent Van Gogh sought to represent “his” arrival to earth. Of course the real location is still unknown as of yet (even though modern mythology places the arrival in Smallville, KS – but there are different stories – for example the Hualapai Indians believe “the arrival” created the Grand Canyon).

After he finished his masterpiece, Van Gogh was called to The Hague and told to change is depiction due to The Great London Dock Strike which has begun after hearing about the piece. Since the strike would have great implications on Dutch trading and economy Van Gogh brushed out Kal-El’s spaceship, however he was never completely happy with the finished artwork . .. now you know why.

Today the painting can be seen at the at the Museum of Modern Art, NY

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