Land of Narcissus and Lonely isles Picture

-Land of Narcissus and Lonely isles-
Bard of Life: (i honestly was contemplating the cod-peice ;D) bards are fun-loving, usualy are unstable or just bent on causing problems for people, just to get a kick out of it. the Life trait is, well, self explanitory. it shows an outstanding care for those around them, but the hero is usualy kind of flip-flopy, helping a player one second, purposefully killing them the next

Land of Narcissus and Lonely isles: Narcissus (or a Daffodil) was named after the character in greek mythology who fell inlove with himself simply by looking at his reflection. it is said that the appearance of Narcissus shows that the owner tends to be self-less. Lonely isles are also self explanitory ._.

oh gog, my place just seems so emo DX. i must say, im getting alittle better with my mouse
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