96:Hashi Hime Zenigata Picture

This is #96 of my 100 scary stories based on Japanese mythology and folklore

This is based on the Hashi-Hime and a Japanese method of placing curses

The Hashi-Hime is a demonic spirit of intense jealousy that haunts bridges and goes after couples, to learn more go here yokai.com/hashihime/ here hyakumonogatari.com/2013/05/01… and herehyakumonogatari.com/2013/01/03…

My idea here is that Inspector Zenigata is possessed by a Hashi-Hime, and who else does he go after of course but Lupin the 3rd, and since the Hashi-Hime goes after couples, I put Lupin with some random girl he’s dating since he’s such a playboy (I based here off of one of Osamu Tezuka’s characters)

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