William Nilesborne: The Divine Armaments Picture

There are five weapons within William's mythology that are said to be world-breaking in power when placed in the right hands. These are two such weapons, Rygnus the Wyrmblade (also called The Redeemer) and Valbenic the Adjudicator. These weapons are 'powered' by Dragon Tears, fragments of one of the Dragon Gods (which themselves are fragments of an absent Creator). As the heir to the legacy of Seryaas, the Golden Dragon God, William carries Rygnus, though he has no idea what the sword is or that it has come to his hand of its own volition.

I'm still working on minor details for the Divine Armaments (the next one to be drawn will be Valganax the Executioner). For example, Rygnus is drawn narrower and longer in other works I've made today.

Still working the kinks out, I guess.
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