kemma-dale..progressing slowly Picture

got abit further with the little dude!.

want to try and add abit of a feeel to him,so heres abit of "possibiltie" to him xP.

these folk are lost souls,bound to wander the earth,but not just souls,childrens souls.."given the short stature".

so,the boatman..."big greek and roman mythology person" exchange for aiding him across the his way,he returns them to they're rightful resting place,the etherworld!. each of them posted on small islands across the vast stretch of water that leads to the underworld..there glowing laterns.."colour still to follow" ..etched with magic,can distinguish dead from living,and alerts the kemma-dale,if anyone tries to regain a loved one from the underworld!...ill add more once im done on them x)
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