We live in Meifumadou... Picture

Fanart of the incredible manga series Lone Wolf and Cub, set in Edo-period Japan.

The protagonist Ogami Itto frequently says that he and his son Daigoro live in Meifumado, which the translator's notes refer to as the Buddhist hell, path of damnation. I couldn't find any other references on the internet, but the closest to this description is Naraka (Jigoku or Naraku in Japanese): a sort of buddhist afterlife, where people go to burn off excess bad karma before reincarnating again. The ox- and horse-headed demons are Chinese deities who guard the Underworld in Chinese mythology. Itto places talismans depicting these on old temples, to advertise his assassin services.

I tried to clean the drawing up a bit, but I'm unsure wether or not it did any good.

edit: WELL I'LL BE DAMNED! Someone has done something exactly like this, only sooner..... [link]
Credits to him, I guess.
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