Manabozho Picture

Manabozho, from my fantasy/mythology serial Manitou Island [link] I used a tutorial I found here to try to draw him as I'm lousy at drawing my characters, especially humans; this isn't EXACTLY how I picture him, but it's close.

Manabozho, or the Great Rabbit, is the culture hero/trickster of Ojibwa mythology. And he plays a huge part in my stories.
Manabozho, even though not of my own creation, has quickly become a favorite character of mine and even though I put my own spin on him, if you look at the traditional myths you'll see that he really does act like this a lot. He's the link between humanity and the spirit world, a hero to his people, but he was also abandoned and rejected and always uncertain about his place in things. Of course, I relate to that a lot, and it's always a pleasure writing him. I was actually afraid to try drawing him lest I do it wrong and upset him, but I think he turned out moderately okay for a first try.

Manabozho is from Ojibwa mythology, but this representation is copyrighted to me.
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