MI: Black Elk Horn Picture

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Black Elk Horn, from my fantasy/mythology serial Manitou Island [link]

Black Elk Horn is ogimah, or chief, of the main band in the stories, taking Old Yellow Turtle's place. He cares deeply for his people, but has a quick temper and an isolationist attitude, detesting how mainlander society is changing things on Manitou Island. He can also be rather closeminded and stubborn, seeing things in black and white. He's Silver Eagle Feather's husband, and father of Winter Born. He ends up butting heads with many of the more liberal characters in the storyline, including Charmian. His hairstyle and the bear paw tattoo on his face (meant to represent his guardian manitou) are conjectural. I may alter his appearance in the future.

Black Elk Horn is copyrighted to me.
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