The Kindred 2 Picture

Front cover of the book The Kindred, illustrated by me and written by Elle Pepper.
" The twenty-fifth century finds once-green Earth, reduced to snowy "Terra," but still the seat of all galactic power. Here the power is not found in the mindless government, but rather, in the calm, fierce protective people of the snows, it is the myth of the Kindred. For these men and women, have no memory of 'Old Terra' as they call the world before the Great War. They have made their own unique culture they call their own. From there we travel to other worlds, times and places. From Earth that was, and a little town known as Seaview, where all the things men fear walk the earth including werewolves, to an execution for the sake of honor, to an intergalactic, interdimensional military team. Finally out to the outer rim where Justice takes on a new name, The Wanderer. these are the tales of the mysterious Kindred, their histories, their mythology."
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