Zruty Picture

Zrutys are perhaps the most underprivileged monsters in Nethack. Since they were only added to fill the place of the letter Z and since there is very little information out of them in the Internet and in the Slovakian mythology, they have been pretty much forgotten. They do not stand amongst other monsters with special powers or even being a strong opponent: no, these creatures are next to no danger to you and it's very embarassing to be killed by one. Due to these reasons, nobody has drawn this creature, leading to everyone having a different image of what zruty looks like.

Due to these reasons, I decided to change the current situation. This is what I imagine zruty looks like: a hairy, large and vaguebly humanoid monster with pale green skin and sharp teeth. That's pretty much how the game decribes the creature as well, so despite I failed to color the skin properly, I could say that this image is somewhat accurate description of what the creature was imagined to look.
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