Personal Kamon Picture

This is a kamon I've developed for myself. Conceptually, it ties together my varied interests and the things I like to bring to my work. The outer circle is made of Japanese style waves and flames. The word for the divine in Japanese is "kami". When written in kanji, it uses the characters for Fire and Water. As Ueshiba Sensei once said "Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train." The fire and water in this kamon is a personal reminder that we are never seperated from the divine. In the center is a "ha-uchiwa", a fan made of feathers wielded by the Tengu, Japanese trickster spirits. The Tengu is one of my favorite mythological characters, and I sometimes view it as a reflection of my own personality. The handle of the ha-uchiwa is an Ogham character. Ogham is a type of alphabet that was used in Ireland and Scotland before the adoption of the Roman alphabet. The character is known as "Ruis" and is associated with December, the month of my birth. I often use this character as a quick signature.
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