Goddess Amphitrite Picture

Muse Viktoriia Krutskikh
Art by Mouro ART Muses Fantasy.
Art in photography 2014
''In Greek mythology, was at first a simple nymph daughter also nymph Doris and Nereus or ''ocean'', and sister of the goddess Thetis, and therefore aunt Achilles. Became the wife of Poseidon or Neptune, becoming the goddess of the seas. Once when was amused by her companions was seen by Neptune, amazed by its stunning beauty, tried to abduct her, but she refused to join God, escaped and took refuge in the depths of the ocean, in a place where only his mother, Doris, knew where he was. The god of the oceans did not give up his passion and continued his assaults. Sent a dolphin to look for her and she was found at the foot of Mount Atlas, and convinced she relented and married Poseidon, who became queen of the oceans.''
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